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Master Aldo Varchetta'curriculum

All knowledge converges to form the deep sense of being that belongs to each of us.

The human being is like a musical instrument. If it is not well tuned, it cannot reap life’s harmonies.

The course of study followed by Master Varchetta was enriched during the years with in-depth study and knowledge of other methods which include the following:

1975: obtained a license from FIN in Naples as a life-saver.

1979: participates in a course held at l’Ordine dei Medici in Naples on Consultori Familiari”

1981: at La Pietra, the nautical club at Pozzuoli (Naples) he participates in swimming courses

February 1983: on a trip to India he meets “ Swami Om Prakash Saraswati” in Bombay where he is introduced to the practice of meditation at the New Delhi ashram.

1984: he commences a course in Jazz dance at the Nirdance Association in Naples and participates in a seminar held by Jho Jhenkins of Afro Jazz Blues

1985: he enrolls in a course of Target Shooting at the Nazionale sez. in Naples

Since 1985 he has been interested in the study of the book of the I-Ching: a very ancient sacred Chinese text the title of which means “The book of changes”. Some scholars believe that the text is approximately five thousand year old and is therefore, the most ancient book in the history of man. In the 12th century B.C., it took on the features of a philosophical text that contained many ethical principles. Later on, these were developed and elaborated by Confucianism and Taoism.

1985: he participates in seminars given by the Philosopher Arnold Keyserling, professor in philosophy and religion, and the history of traditions of thought. Keyserling was, at the time, a lecturer at the University of Vienna (and the seminars were organised by the Kriterion Centre for Anthropological Studies in Naples). Keyserling, was considered by both the American Indians and the spiritual masters, as the creator of the meeting point of spiritual paths.

Still in 1985: he participates in an intensive course in Tai-Chi-Chuan (organized by the Kriterion Centre for Anthropological Studies) with Master Roger Bird, qualified for teaching by Master Kai-ying-tung: Grand Master of 3rd generation, and direct descendent of MasterYang famous throughout China.

Still in 1985: he meets Josè Gonzalez, a Columbian sociologist, and participates in a range of experiential seminars. Gonzalez lived for 5 years with the Indians of the Peruvian Amazon, and was introduced to the movements of awakening to the sun by the descendents of the Toltechi in Mexico. He founded the Centre for the Development of Human Potential (through the awakening of the sensibility of the body, the emotions and the Spirit).

1986: he participates in a range of seminars held by Harley Swift Deer medicine-chief and shaman of the American Cherokee. Harley Swift Deer was also the student of Tom Wilson of the Navajo Indians (Two Bears, better known in the books of C. Castaneda as Don Genaro).

Still in 1986: he obtained a license from FIN in Naples as a swimming instructor.

1990: he participates in other meetings on the native American Indians with Diane Sea Dancer Battung, woman Nagual of Swift Deer and Batty Brown Thunder Deer, Head of Sweat-Lodge and bearer of the Sacred Pipe.

From 30 May till 3 December 1992 he participates in seminars in Transpersonal Psychology held at the Colucci Clinic by the International Centre in Psychology, Psychotherapy and Human Science in collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery , 2nd Ateneo of Naples teaching of Neurology with the following professors:

Cesare Colucci – Introduction to Transpersonal Psychology

Aldo Carotenuto, Richard Llewellin – The development of transpersonal and the experience of ones self

Elisa Guerra Malta Campos –The Four Elements and Creativity

Arturo De Luca – the function of sound and colour in the awakening of ones self

Arturo De Luca – the archetypes of the personal voyage: from the child to the wise old man

Since 1992 he has been moving closer to meditation following the path of the Siddha Yoga. In 1993 in New York and again in 2003 in Montreux, Switzerland, he meets the Spiritual Leader and teacher of meditation of Siddha Yoga: Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, who through discipline, learning, practice and meditation, teaches the students to live the knowledge of ones own being. This allows the student the possibility of mastering the mind and senses. The teachings of Siddha Yoga are derived from the traditional scriptures of shivaism in Kashmir and of the Vedanta. The experience of the illustrious Siddha teachers makes the shaktipat initiation their focal point which is of notable importance in that it is based on the ancient scriptures (Shiva Samhita and Prasna Upanishad).

It consists of the awakening of spiritual energy, known in yoga as kundalini, and which signals the beginning of a voyage towards internal realisation.

1994: Seminar on Hatha Yoga with Emma Pintozzi and participated in lessons and seminars presented by Maria Rosaria Giuffrè who teaches Iyengar Yoga.

Again in 1994: Brief experience in “Rebirthing”, a method that works on dissolving psycho-physical blocks using a particular breathing technique.

1995: for the academic year ’95-96’ at the Istituto Filosofico “S.Tommaso D’Aquino” in Naples under the direction of Professor Luigi Salerno, he attends the following courses:

  • Filosofia del diritto
  • Etica Sociale
  • Bioetica
  • Epistemologia
  • Filosofia dell’Arte
  • Logica Formale e nuova prospettiva filosofica in S. Agostino
  • Il tomismo nella prospettiva di J. Maritain
  • Il neo tomismo napoletano
  • Problematiche Filosofiche moderne e contemporanee

2001: undertakes a two-year course in ayurvedic massage, gaining a certificate in: therapy and teaching of ayurvedic massage, and with Reiki Master, Rosaria Muro, abyangam, and ayurvedic massage, the ancient art of healing in Indian medicine. It is a holistic therapy that focuses on re-establishing man’s contact with nature and his divine origins. Its prime objective is to promote longevity and good quality of life.

October 2004: he participates in a course in Su-Jok therapy and Twist-therapy held by Dr Tatiana Kushnir, a surgeon specialised in acupuncture and a member of Moscow Academy of Su-Jok.

The name Su-Jok is derived from the Korean Su that means the sole of the foot, as a miniature copy of the energy and information that represents the whole body. This energy is represented in the palm of our hands and the soles of our feet and it allows any doctor to identify the best possible cure.

Again in 2004: he participates in weekly courses in Biodance (the Rolando Toro method) and participates in a range of seminars (in 2005 and in 2006) conducted by Gianni De Lucia (Roma), Oliviero Olivieri e Tiziana Zappi (Roma) who gained their diplomas at the Bologna academy.

Biodance is about learning to move with music, to express ones emotions, to communicate better, and to recognize one own value as well as that of others. The goal is to promote the integration of the individual especially the balance between the body and the rational mind.

In the academic year of 2004 - 2005 at l’I.P.E “ Istituto Per le Ricerche ed Attivita’ Educative” in Naples he participates in seminars in Philosophy:

  • Moral Philosophy - Professor Giovanni Turco
  • Principles for evaluating man’s actions
  • Existence and recognition of natural moral laws
  • Conscience and moral norms
  • The virtues
  • Philosophy of Religion - Professor Corrado Gnerre
  • What is the Philosophy of Religion
  • The essence of Religion and the Virtue of Religion
  • Religiousness and new Religiousness
  • Philosophical Problems - Professor Ciro Sessa
  • Heidegger
  • Jaspers

2005: he meets Amma in Milan, who is recognised world wide as a spiritual guide and a benefactor to humanity. Amma was in fact recognised in 2002, by the Ghandi-King prize for non violence during the Summit of religious leaders on world peace held at ONU in Geneva.

Amma, in 1993 in Chicago, was elected as the Hindu representative to the Congress of World Religions. She does not invite everyone to become a Hindu but rather she suggests to each of us to put into practice the teachings of our own religions and to live in harmony with those teachings that are universal, in the same way that love and compassion are universal beliefs.

Since 2004 he has been attending Spiritual and Theological* retreats, held by Canonico Mons. Benedetto Currao, Maria SS Church, in Maddaloni, Caserta
* Theology is the study of God and of Divinity in their true characteristics. The term is derived from the ancient Greek theos (God) and logos (discourse) and literally means "discussion about God".

Meanwhile in the world of Aikido...

Location exam Master
1985 Napoli 6° kyu M° Sabatino
1985 Roma 5° kyu M° Raineri
1987 Napoli 4° kyu M° Hosokawa
1987 Coverciano 3° kyu M° Fujimoto
1988 Roma 2° kyu M° Fujimoto
1992 Portici 1° kyu M° Kurihara
1993 Roma 1° Dan M° Hosokawa
1996 Palermo 2° Dan M° Hosokawa
1999 La Spezia 3° Dan M° Hosokawa
2004 La Spezia 4° Dan M° Fujimoto
2011 Laces 5° Dan M° Fujimoto
2017 L Spezia 6° Dan M° Tada

There is something more to life, an ulterior motive; that is, to know and to realise who we are. By understanding who we are, we can obtain anything; a sensation of complete fulfillment without the need to achieve anything else in life.

This realisation will make our life perfect. As far as, all we have accumulated and what we try to acquire, are concerned, for most people life is still incomplete just like the letter “C”.

This void or emptiness will always be there. Only spiritual knowledge and the realisation of ones self can fill this void and unite the two extremeties, in this way forming the shape of the letter “O”.

Spirituality is the ideal that eliminates darkness. It is the principal that teaches us to confront every adverse situation or obstacle with a smile. Spirituality is teaching for the mind.”

Extract from: "Dal cuore di Amma".

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